2018 RISWS Cohort Details Announced!

Magda and I are planning a 2018 RISWS Training Cohort to begin in January. ThisĀ  process is ideal for managers in academic, public, and special libraries.

Increasing your skill and aptitude as a manager is a good way to show your employer you are a good steward of limited library resources.

You can read more about the training and results in our article in In the Library With the Lead Pipe.


January (date TBD) through May 2018

$1,000 per participant (payable in 2 installments of $500 so you can spread the cost out over calendar years — ask if you need another billing arrangement)

Online from anywhere

Learn the simple, straightforward RISWS managing process with a cohort of library managers in this online course you can do from anywhere. We learn the process in the first session, implement with your teams in the next two weeks, then spend the next three months tracking progress, comparing experiences, and solving problems.

Three webinars
Monthly group calls (January through May)
Weekly IM office hours
Discussion group (online)

RISWS is a simple process that allows you to know what problems your employees are having and what they’re doing well, so you can fix the things that need to be fixed and make better use of your employees’ skills. It exposes good work and good intentions and helps you correct misaligned priorities before things go off the rails. It helps you advocate for funding for your department, and makes doing employee reviews more equitable and radically easier and more accurate. This will help you protect your people and your department from problems in your organization, and the cohort model of the training is designed to give you perspective and help navigating organizational issues.

To sign up, email and tell us how you’d like to pay (credit card, check, or PO after we invoice you).



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